Our Vision

We envision the body of Christ working together to holistically address the needs in their communities.

Our Mission

REACT Services assists organizations, businesses, and churches in collaboration strategies to achieve more effective results -- primarily among the vulnerable and least reached.

We work primarily in global and multi-cultural outreach settings, serving as a catalyst, trainer, and coach in the development of grass-roots partnering strategies.  We provide core educational and training materials to leaders that strengthen and enable better facilitation and involvement in partnering.

Because of our experience and global connections, REACT also identifies and brokers strategic relationships for ministries looking to be better facilitated in their outreach programs and organizational development.  In addition, we assist individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations interested in leveraging their investment donations by working with them to develop a more focused giving approach.


"Brian's passion to see God’s people work together has led REACT to become an amazing advocate, consultant, teacher and mentor to those committed to greater Kingdom impact."

-Mr. Hugo Morales, Director, Universidad Mariano Gálvez de Guatemala